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Imagine how life would be like if you and everyone else in this world was at peace with themselves…no less than heaven, right?

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Inner peace is your birthright...but somewhere along the journey, you lost it. Do you dare to find it back?

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About the Author

Hello, I’m Bassem Terkawi, a certified leadership and business coach.

I was born in Syria and lived between Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the UAE. Growing up in the Middle East, I witnessed much unrest including the civil war in Lebanon between 1975-1991, and the recent catastrophic war that is still taking place in Syria at the time of writing Peace In. This had a greater impact on me than I realized at the time…

While wars and unrest raged outside, I experienced a series of extremely tumultuous inner wars, where I allowed myself to be constantly affected by incidents that were occurring in and around my life. This eventually led me into deep introspection, and I realized that the root cause of all this unrest around us is the fact that we’re not at peace with ourselves internally.

Armed with this knowledge, I set out on a mission to help bring peace to the Middle East and to the rest of the world.

I started off by becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Co-Active Training Institute CA, USA in 2013. Today, I am part of their faculty; an honor bestowed upon only two Arabs to date. I further continued my training by also becoming certified as a Scaling Up Business Coach.

I am committed to work with leaders in organizations to help them lead from a peaceful place and create positive impact for themselves, their organizations and their communities at large.

Peace In is my attempt at initiating this change.

Work With Bassem

Coaching for Peaceful Leadership

One-to-one executive coaching to help leaders move from a state of high pressure, stressful management to peaceful and purposeful leadership.

Coaching for Business

Group coaching with C-Level & senior management applying the Scaling Up methodology to align to a clear vision & enjoy shared peaceful leadership.

Coaching for Peaceful

One-to-one coaching for anyone lacking purpose, clarity and direction in life to move from an anxious to a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Top Reasons to Read This Book

This book is for you if you want to…

  • Learn how to see beyond your limited visibility
  • Play your big game in life
  • Let go of all the poisoned emotions that are stopping you from growing
  • Tap into the creative power within you
  • Come to a peaceful state of being
  • Learn how to stand up strong in times of crisis

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